Alan Rice
Hello, I’m a developer living in San Francisco New York. Most of my experience is in feature development at smaller companies.

I have a special interest in exploring the latest tools that make the developer experience easier. I hope to use the knowledge to one day lead efficient, happy engineering teams.

Outside of programming I'm an avid stock investor, mostly in the agressive growth style of Bill O'Neill. I'm also a former jazz drummer and still passionate about all things music.



Front-end Developer
jul 2020 - present
New York, NY

At Kinetic I help with all-things front-end, working mostly with React and Redux. Kinetic’s dashboards offer data insights into their wearable devices as well as allow users to handle all related admin tasks. Most of my work has been centered around feature development for social-distancing protocols related to Covid-19.



Ride Health
Software Engineer
sep 2017 - jun 2020
New York, NY

I started as a junior on a team of two. As the company grew from four to 25 employees, my responsibilities grew to include full-stack development and feature architecture. The product was a robust real-time system that included scheduling, notifications, billing, fleet selection, and much more for non-emergency medical transportation. We used React and Typescript on the front-end and Elixir for the back-end. My largest contribution was an IVR system that exposed much of our application’s functionality including read-time ride-hailing. The IVR system eventually reduced our inbound customer support phone calls by over 80%.







Web Developer
aug 2016 - aug 2017
New York, NY

As a web-developer at Authorea my first task was rebuilding their landing site according to new designs. The new designs were accompanied by a migration off of Bootstrap and into custom components and style guides. I spent the bulk of my remaining building front-end features for Authorea’s core product, a web-editor similar to google docs. Most of this work was done in React and Redux, using Ruby on Rails on the back-end.







Oak Studios
Web Development Intern
feb 2016 - may 2016
New York, NY

Interning at Oak was my first exposure to professional development, including code reviews, bug fixes, issue tracking, and much more. My biggest contribution was building the website from scratch. I also wrote some small fixes for and other Oak clients. We used the static-site generator Jekyll for most of the front-end work, and Ruby on Rails on the backend.








General Assembly
Web Dev Immersive
jul 2015 - oct 2015
New York, NY

This was a 12-week web-development intensive. Classes were held from 9-5pm everyday with around four hours ago homework each night. I chose GA because all of the learning is hands-on. We built everything from simple javascript scripts to full web applications. We learned the basics of version control, agile, and web development. My final project was a music recommendation interface that, using D3, displayed a never-ending stream of related musical artists.

Ruby on Rails





Bachelor's in Music
sep 2011 - may 2015
New York, NY

I came to NYU with the single focus of becoming a professional musician. Throughout my four years I was lucky to study with some of the best musicians in the world, including Billy Hart (in Miles Davis’s band), Pablo Rieppi (NYC Opera and NYC Philharmonic), and Lenny White (also in Miles Davis’s band). The experience taught me that I loved the tinkering, exploratory craftsmanship of music but was not cut out for the intensely social, travel-intensive lifestyle. Luckily I was able to find this same passion in programming.